Bill Bones legacy

Geheimnisvolles Drachenland


Bill Bones had indeed been an intense fury guy that was his spirit appeared to me after the funeral and handed me an old diary.
Can not be?
Then you have the story „Bill Bones last photo“ Read here!
After Bill be docked with an alien tree made him this ado flat as a flounder and Bill croaked only „what a crap!“
But the old Bill was not so easy to convey to the other side, until he was haunted as a ghost on his one-week funeral and drank with all drinking buddies bet to, then he seemed to me, his best friend and gave me the old leather diary before said goodbye with a flash and a loud bang.

Some shattered windows and everything was full of smoke and terrible smell of dead cat.
But I did not notice because I was in reading the diary, most of the…

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