… The Castle in the Clouds …

das Verborgene-web

the soul stone in Al`s hand glowed slowly becoming weaker … and then went out completely ..
He pounded every vein of his dragon’s head
Al namely also had no experience with souls, but that had to know none
Perhaps we should therefore go to the Brotherhood .. seek advice? .. Interjected the Summsel.

In Sunrise, they packed up their belongings and made their way to the Brotherhood …
They walked for a while along the beach, the sun’s rays ate their way through the morning mist and the grass sparkled dewdrops, the relish with his trunk absorbed the Summsel …

it was almost noon, the sun was shining in the blue sky, … as in front of them a building appeared to recognize hardly correct, because it was surrounded by a wall of clouds.
Al was demonstrated the old map of Dragon Land of Grandad, took his brass compass out of the backpack and straightened the card out of it, he shook his head, which can not well be …. nothing … it’s not drawn’s … just … the sea, annoyed probably nothing here


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