„The mysterious dream“



On the beach discovered Al Drachos something glittering sticking out of the sand,
it was actually a soul stone, so nice and clear, probably empty.
He sat down with the crystal in the warm sand and looking at the souls stone detail.

Al … saw fog … it hissed and before him was a large hall, there .. stomped … haze attracted over the blurred Image, … symbols floated through the fog and glowed yellow …
Then the image for a short time became clearer, he saw something like a throne and on it a creature … a dark shadow hovering past Al …
… then he heard an eerie voice croak …“ Soulstone!“ …, Al was shaking all over Dragon body …
„Dragon Prince tide .. sea …! “
Then darkness …
Trembling awoke Al … he saw the starry sky … and in his claw glowed bright red of the soul stone …


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